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Art isn't about precision of stroke nor vibrancy of colour. It's not about the angles or the lighting used. It's about the emotion evoked by the piece. About how much of the artist's soul is effectively shown.


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I haven't gone on the net in a really long time now. It's quite liberating, really.

But that's sort of a lie. The past few days, I've felt really alone. Not like my usual 'alone' but like, alone-ALONE. Like the real dictionary definition of the word. I feel awkward and lost and I can't recognise my face when I look in a mirror but at the same time, I've never felt more real. If that makes sense.

Well, it makes sense to me. It's my world after all. I know what I'm talking about more than any other person out there. But you can't help what people think of you. You can't control how they look at you and judge you. You try to, of course. That's what we're all doing here after all. Trying to be understood. Trying to be recognised and validated.

When you look in a mirror, you see yourself physically but you don't SEE your SELF. I hope you get what I mean by this. There are a lot of things that I see and feel and know that I'm not exactly sure how to express in words that other people can understand. What I mean by the mirror -essentially!- is that reflective surfaces can only do so much for us. In terms of validating our existence and all that. The only way you can truly feel that you exist is if you look into people's eyes (be it friend, family, enemy, lover or stranger) and see them SEEING you. Recognising that you are alive and that you are just another human being.

I'm not saying we should be dependent on what others think of us. No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm not saying that we should form ourselves to other people's notion of who/what we 'should be'. I'm merely commenting on our undeniable connection with other people. It doesn't really matter if they like us or not. It doesn't really matter if they understand what we're going through and what we're saying/doing. What matters is that they recognise that we exist and that we're going through shit and that despite all the bunches and bunches of differences that we all have from each other, DEEP DOWN, "oh, here's another human being."

I'm not sure if I'm making much sense to you. And honestly, I can't really bring myself to care. What I'm doing right now, it's more of for myself. AND for others out there who might feel like they need to think on some things mysterious but familiar to their souls. All I wanna do is build connections. One soul to another. One heart to another. You don't have to think about it much. You don't have to put yourself through hours of therapy and meditation. Just feel your heart and soul and the void within and let it expand from yourself and simply FEEL the world. Feel that deep, cathartic vibration of Existence. Not just your own, not just the people around you but of everything that consists this world, this life, including all those things you know nothing about and maybe never will.


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